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Beefcake Hunter – Sucking another Ohioan dude

Sucking another Ohioan dude session will be very pleasing for those Hunters that love rimming straight dude cherries! Beefcake Caleb is a sexy horny young dude that’s new in the area and he actually heard about my “services” at BeefCakeHunter Land. He contacted me directly with some nice pictures, that to be honest didn’t do him justice. He is cuter in person and his beautiful big cock is actually bigger than what he thought! Lol

After a nice chat with him I got on my knees and I was amazed by his reaction, he was so eager to be serviced and I could not have been happier when I uncovered a tool bigger than what I expected. For me the best part of this Sucking another Ohioan dude video is to watch how much Caleb enjoyed my mouth on his balls and cock. I heard him breathing heavily with that hard rock cock, and it just drove me nuts!

I couldn’t get enough of his tool and I moved to the side to deep throat him better, and that was when he told me what for many Hunters would be as music to their ears, “my girlfriend rims me, do you do that in your videos as well?” What an invitation! This rimming job was longer than usual, I was enjoying a lot and just to know that many of you guys will enjoy it as well made my tongue get very active lol, Caleb also seemed to enjoy it a lot, what do you think? 😉 At moments, I thought that he may cum at any time!

With a mix of a hand job and my tongue I squeezed out Caleb’s two days load, what an amazing cumshot he gave us! And that happy face was priceless to me! It was nice Sucking another Ohioan dude and I hope you guys enjoy this video.

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