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French Twinks – Soap Fight Fuck Abel vs Ryan

Abel Lacourt and Ryan Marchal compete in this first episode of our game Soap, Fight & Fuck. The rules are simple, two full naked opponents, covered of ultra-slippery soap must submit their opponent and end up fucking him.

The two twinks soon fall and the fight continues on the ground. The hairless and shining bodies glide over each other. Ryan takes over Abel and puts his big cock in his mouth. Forced to suck Ryan, Abel does the job but tries to free himself and shortly he reverses the roles. It’s now Ryan who swallows Abel’s cock and plenty of soap at the same time. The wrestling continues, the two boys are blinded by soap and give all their energy to fight.

It’s finally Ryan who has the physical advantage on Abel and immobilizes him to the ground to start fucking his tight ass. Abel has a hard time taking this fat cock and it’s with groaning, swearing and grimacing that he submits. Ryan doesn’t care about Abel complaints and he fucks him more and more powerfully by making him screaming loudly.

Despite the fatigue and the soap that slips horribly and complicates the task, Ryan strives to fuck Abel until unloading several spurts of sperm on his face.

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