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GuyBone – Zack Tops Avi Raw

From sucking on Avi’s beautiful bone, Zack moved to his hairy hole and rimmed to both their satisfaction. Zack’s ginger beard sparkled in the light as he munched on that sweet ass. Then Avi got comfy on his belly and sucked Zack’s raging red cock as the muscle bear fingered his soon to be bottom’s back door. Avi was a hungry pup, lapping up Zack’s pierced prick like a pro. He gulped the shaft balls deep and slobbered on it sufficiently.

Their kissing was off the hook. Fun, loud lip smacking sends my dick into overdrive. And it was obviously doing the same to them. Avi got his tongue in Zack’s hole next. Who can blame the boy for wanting to taste that delicious daddy ass? He serviced his steel cock some more, too, then he nearly made my cock explode when he rubbed his intensely erect dick against Zack’s happy trail and ran his fingers through his chest fur. Fuck. These two were on fire.

Zack got Avi in doggy style. The time to fuck him raw had arrived. He lubed his hole, as well as his own throbbing cock, with SPUNK and slid it in gently. Avi was an obedient pup, taking his top’s orders and praises perfectly. Zack’s meaty rod filled his tight hole fully. As he relaxed and began to open his ass, they started fucking more feverishly.

Avi’s bare feet and bouncing butt cheeks were making me drool. Zack’s brut demeanor was giving me goosebumps. He tossed Avi around like a sex doll, putting him in whatever position he desired. Avi was on his back next and that’s when the vocals really began. Avi let loose and bellowed his enjoyment. Zack grunted and fucked harder the louder Avi moaned. Their toned bodies worked in tandem flawlessly and I found myself dickmatized by the bareback action before me.

The sweaty duo took an oral intermission and kept each other fluffed while I took some behind the scenes video for social media. Avi gobbled down Zack’s cock like the hungry puppy he was. Then it was back to bareback fucking as Avi climbed on top of his hot Aussie. His dick was crazy stiff and it bounced all around as Zack thrust up into his sweet spot. They growled and grunted and when Zack took a break from humping, Avi picked up the reigns and rode his dick hard. I love seeing in a bottom’s face just how bad he wants the D. And there was absolutely no fucking doubt in my mind how badly Avi craved it.

Zack slammed harder and harder into his costar until incredibly attractive Avi could hold his load no longer. He jerked out a thick white nut that landed in Zack’s auburn fur. Then it was the Aussie’s turn to explode. He beat out a tasty looking load onto his pubes. The guys kissed and collapsed as cum glistened in the ginger curls of Zack’s chest hair. What a fucking fantastic debut for them both! And what a hot, raw fuck for you to behold!

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