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Naughty Napping – Logan Cross & Ben Masters

Sleeping booty boyfriends Ben Masters wakes up snuggling super sexy Logan Cross. With boys Naughty Napping this scorchingly hot, spooning will always lead to forking! These two Helix hotties devour one another with deep, passionate kisses from the moment Ben wakes up with a hard on humping Cross like a horned up high schooler.

Through heavy breathing Masters maneuvers his hands inside Logan’s drawers, getting a hand full of that amazing ass and teasing the kids hole until Cross can no longer wait to get at Ben’s big fat boner. Logan munches big Ben while Masters eyeballs Logan’s hole, thinking about all the deliciously dirty ways he’s gonna tear that ass UP Naughty Napping! He saddles up behind Cross, plants a wet kiss on the kid and shoves his condom free cock inside. Our titanium top reaches down to spread his boy’s perfect peach open to dig even deeper as the pair keep their sultry lip lock in play.

Logan gets on all fours, arching his back to show off his amazing asset and gets Ben’s battering ram hard and fast. Logan is absolutely lost in lovely unbridled lust, he spits on his hand, wets his wang and begs Ben to go even harder. Masters delivers and Cross nuts all over the bed. Ben blasts his beautiful bottom right in the can with a hefty helping Naughty Napping of heavy cream, closing out this scene with a delicious cream pie dessert.

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