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Raunchy sex scene – Honza Onus and Milan Beran

In this Raunchy sex scene we have our sexy Honza Onus, shackled and blindfoled, at the mercy of Milan Beran. Both are only in jockstraps and Milan is soon kissing Honza, sucking on his nipples and playing with his cock.

His work gets Honza hard and Milan drops to his knees to suck on his prey’s hot dick. Milan is hard too and releases Honza who quickly returns the favour, releasing the big cock and sucking on it. His head bobs on that dick, Raunchy sex scene taking it deep into his throat, as Milan’s hands are on the back of his head pushing him down. After kissing again Milan returns to sucking Honza and then turns him around and rims his hot ass. Honza loves it, using a hand to open the cheeks.

Milan slides a finger into Honza’s tight hole as he rims him. He is hot for that ass and soon has his throbbing cock deep inside. He fucks Honza’ ass deep and hard, grabbing his hips for extra leverage. Honza loves that cock deep in his hole and lays on his back to get some more. His own cock stays rock hard as Milan pounds his hole. Honza moans with each thrust of that dick in his ass until Milan lays down and his buddy slides his ass back over that cock. His upward thrust stretch that hole, going nice and deep with Honza contining to moan all the while. A final move, into spoon position, has Milan still fucking that eager hole as Honza wanks himself to a nice cum shot. He Raunchy sex scene shoots over himself as Milan carries on with his fucking.

Then Milan pulls out and kneels over Honza, wanking Raunchy sex scene himself until his cum shoots out, landing on Honza’s sexy body. He leans over and kisses Honza at the end of a very hot scene.

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