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ActiveDuty – Tyler Austin

Dirk begins some small talk with Tyler Austin making him feel more at home. Once Dirk has opened him up he informs him to let loose and he will. Tyler takes his shirt off and the others of his clothes revealing his smooth athletic body.

Once Tyler Austin is rock solid and his balls are slapping from all the quickly yanking he could be doing, Dirk informs him to put on the bed and spread his legs. He puts on the bed and shows us his hairy legs while stroking his throbbing penis. Tyler bends all the way over with his buttocks up in the air and spreads his legs wide because his mind is buried in the cushion. He proceeds to stroke his hard penis from behind because he uses one hand to disperse his ass wide open to everyone to see. His smooth hole winks and quickly enough Tyler is back to his spine smacking his cock.

Tyler Austin tugs on his hard dick a couple more times and he finally releases his assembled up load all over his smooth chest. Gobs of thick cum break on his chest as he finally sucks his balls.