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Alleyway Action – Jason Domino & Johny Cruz

Coming across horny duo Jason Domino and Johny Cruz in the Back Alley, they are already getting down and dirty together, the bin bags and garbage not putting them off the sordid ass play, perhaps even adding to the atmosphere of their action.

Sucking stiff dick, sharing theirs with each other, Jason soon takes the lead to eat Johny’s ass deep, tongue fucking the smooth assed young stud, who shows exactly what he wants by presenting his perfect hole to Jason, and his giant dick!

Stiff as a board, Jason lubes up that hole with spit, letting Johny slowly back onto it as Jason starts pumping himself inside the stranger stud. The camera gets right up close to the ass fucking, we see every inch slide in and out of Johny, the sweat starting to drip from both horny young men enjoying illicit sex outside. Pushing so deep his balls slap, Jason loves the feeling of Johny’s hole wrapping around his dick, that peachy ass shaking with each thrust forward.

Eating out Johny as soon as pulls his dick out, tasting his dick on his tongue as well as ass, kinky Jason Domino, his slim lithe torso nicely muscled wants more ass, and pushes Johny face down into the dirt, pounding that hole, a different angle inside gives Jason Domino exactly what he wants and soon spurts over his hole, pushing his still spurting dick into Johny, flooding his guts with cum!

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