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BeefCake Hunter – Cloudy deep session with Jacobo

Cloudy deep session with Jacobo brought back to me all the good times that are possible with a seasoned Beefcake like him. I mean, I never complaint for the good times also lived with the fresher Beefcakes but I will always need a good tune up by any BCH Legend like Jacobo.

Cloudy? Well, Beefcake Jacobo and I were making some clouds, if you know what I mean ??. Right before the shooting, we both had long days and that evening we wanted to just relax and make the most of the erotic encounter, and Deep?.. well, please watch the video lol.

While positioning the cameras and thinking how this would go, Beefcake Jacobo was standing up next to the laptop checking his phone, and I just couldn’t wait to be on my knees. I knew that after making some clouds he would be extra horny, and when I pull down his undies, that beautiful cock of his was ready to be enjoyed!

After a long blow job, getting lost in the moment I asked him to call me names, something that he refused, adding more fuel to my desire to move forward to this Cloudy deep session with Jacobo. Now positioning myself on my fours over the stool so he can deep fuck me ??

Then, it was my turn to have some control over his sexy body and made him lay down on the pad, and I rode him hard, even though I thought I was in control, he submitted me to his fucking.

For the last part of video, Jacobo made a move that I don’t recall he has ever done before. It was to start drilling me in missionary position, I got so close to him that I almost kissed him. That was a deep penetration as well, and for our delight, he came naturally inside me, making his sexy moaning, it was just amazing!

Ok Hunters, I really hope that you all are safe, and enjoy this video Cloudy deep session with Jacobo for a moment, and take you mind away from any negativity going on, we are going to get through this together!

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