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BeefCake Hunter – Justin back to the basics

Making a refreshing pause from this “Ass destruction” season, I present you: Justin back to the basics. We made this video a few months after he had an injury on his left leg, with two months out his regular job, he had to catch up with bills and of course with BeefCakeHunter Land.

It was a Friday night, he brought some beers and his usual laid back attitude, perfect elements to make this video about Justin back to the basics: seated, relaxed and enjoying a BCH head.

Once on my knees I started by teasing him a bit, he loves that! Beefcake Justin demeanor got me very relaxed and made me do a couple of bad jokes lol, but I guess he loves that because by the moment I pulled his cock out of his shorts, it was already fully hard, even though some skin still covering his voluminous and shiny cock head umm, one of the best delicatessen here at BCH.

While Beefcake Justin was enjoying his beer, I was performing a slow but passionate oral service on him, I can’t never go wrong with this big Polish cock, and all this happening with his pants halfway down lol.

But you guys know me that I am sucker for testicles, so I had to take his shorts off completely in order for me to feast on his balls, I just realized how big they are! OMG, incredible, after all these years lol

For those Feet Hunters the view gets better when I moved to his side to worship his chest, armpits and arms, I really apologize for the out of focus when I did change the camera angles, I did not realize it, it is time for me to get some glasses. Rimming was not possible because he was not ready for that, if you know what I mean, of course I cut that part of the dialogue from the video, but I got really close to his ass when I was licking below his balls.

After getting back on my knees, I got more aggressive in my sucking and using my hands, tongue and mouth I wanted to squeeze Justin delicious juices for the world, while he whispered: jerk it harder… amazing!

I hope you guys enjoy this video Justin back to the basics, and I know you maybe were expecting a fuck scene, but video “Justin going all the way” which will include some rimming is coming out soon.

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