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BeefcakeHunter – Sucking Eric from West Virginia

Sucking Eric from West Virginia. Was interesting since he slightly face-fucked me throughout the whole encounter, something not that usual at BeefCakeHunter Land, and I know many Hunters love that!

Beefcake Eric is a sexy salesman who just moved to Florida a few months ago. He has fairly hairy thick legs, which I love, a bushy pubic area with a nice thick eight inches cock, perfect to feast on! He is new in the area and doing whatever it takes to pay the bills, he confessed to me that he used to be a dancer, so he may not be new in the gay for pay endeavor 😉

I was not surprised that when I got on my knees to get my hands under his shorts and discover that he was not wearing any underwear, everything was set up to start Sucking Eric from West Virginia! And you know I love big hairy balls and Beefcake Eric has them. So I did not waste any time in licking them and sucking them just before I tackled that nice looking cock!

He was trying to get as comfortable as he could and layed down a bit while watching the pussy porn, but half way through the scene I made him sit down so I could get deeper on his cock. His slowl hip movement made me use my mouth and hands, his dick is perfect for that, and in every squeeze of his cock I could feel his ever-hard cock head in my mouth. What a nice tasting of someone’s cock head!

At points, he looks too into the porn more than my service, but that was proofed wrong when suddenly he announced that he was about to cum. It seems that he wanted me to swallow it when he grabbed me with his both hands on my head and made me swallow his whole head, that was hot! But it was a little too late, most of the cum was out in the first shot lol, cum was everywhere like so many times at BCH Land!

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