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BoyFun – Cain Hale Audition

Shaggy-haired, hot and horny, young Cain Hale is a teen delight just waiting to entertain a drooling crowd of eager fans. Fresh to the world of adult entertainment he’s brimming with eagerness and excitement at the prospect of pleasing you. He knows a thing or two about playing innocent, peering down into his lap while he gropes and explores himself on the couch, his shy demeanor quickly betrayed by the sight of his intact teen cock peeking from the waistband of his underwear.

But we’ve gotten ahead of ourselves, we should of course talk about how sexy his smooth and twinky body is, slowly and sensuously revealed in a teasing display, his large nipples just begging to be licked and nibbled. He’s the kind of boy you;d love to corrupt, but something tells us he’s more experienced than he might at first appear. Once down to his underwear his exploring hands are quick to part his butt cheeks, his legs in the air and a finger dipping between the mounds of his rump, his slightly hairy pucker toyed with temptingly while he uses spit to ease the way. Could he take your big cock in there? It seems so tight, but we’re sure he would gladly welcome you inside.

Perhaps that’s what he’s thinking of when he finally gets to work on his uncut boner, laying back and closing his eyes while his hand pumps up and down his delicious dong. With short pumps of his hooded boner he increases the pleasure gradually, laying down and working his tool, the opening of his foreskin pumping a splashing mess of hot white teen cream onto his stomach.

With his balls now emptied the boy can relax, but for how long will it be before he returns to share that dick and snug little hole with another boy?

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