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BoyFun – David Swanson Audition

He might be new to appearing on camera but sexy young David Swanson certainly isn’t new to the art of self pleasure. We’re eager to get him into some one-on-one BoyFun with another hottie performer but before we get to that we need to spend a little private time with the smooth and sexy young man.

He takes his time, enjoying the tease as his shirt comes off and we check out his hairless chest and stomach. His hands continue exploring as his socks slip off, his long toes and bare soles displayed, tempting us to come and lick and suck. The growing bulge in his shorts gets some more groping, telling us there’s a not insignificant teen cock hiding away and eager to be revealed. When his shorts slide down the boy is bulging in the sexiest red underwear, but he know we need more.

Laying back on the counter top he slips those down too, showing off his perfect little ass, almost completely hairless too, a peek at his snug butt hole driving us wild. Within moments his semi is rising up, his confidence taking over and his hand working his rod to an increasingly stiff pole of hard young uncut boner. He starts out gently, his fist pumping his shaft as his skin slips over the swollen tip and back again, but soon he’s eager to show off that most tender place properly.

With his legs up and his cheeks naturally parting he slips a free finger down, playing with his hole, stroking it with a digit before parting his cheeks and making his pucker gape invitingly. The pink ring of his hole has us all wanting to slide in and give him what he clearly craves, but for now we’re happy to see him stroking the warm cream from his dick. Focusing on the task in hand and quickening his pace the boy takes aim, wanking his meat as semen begins to splash from his piss hole, his watery treat spraying out over his smooth stomach, rivers of warm ball juice snaking down his side to the counter beneath.

After such an amazing introduction we’re sure no other boy would be able to say no to appearing on video with him in the future.

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