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BoyFun – Isaac Esteban Audition

Today we bring to you the gorgeous sight of Isaac Esteban, a handsome and smooth young guy with a hot body, a hard cock and all the passion for performing you’d want in a new performer.

This sexy young guy is ready to give you the solo treatment, but don’t worry, we’re sure this adorable young man is going to be returning to share that meaty teen dick with some of the other boys. With a little glance to the camera he’s groping for his dick, quickly revealing more flesh and getting started on his floppy cock to work up a stiff boner. With a little lube and some spit too his dick begins to grow and bulge, filling up in his fist while his hand slides along it.

He really is a handsome young man, with a fit body built from years of playing football with his friends, and no doubt enjoying a lot of cock play with them after a game, too! As his free hand explores he seeks out his tender and tight hole, slipping his fingers between the mounds of his ass to explore. It’s a sign of more to come, and once he’s lubricated that bulging dick some more and retrieved a toy from behind the pillows he’s sliding a sexy pink dildo into his pucker!

Clearly this gorgeous young man knows a thing or two about toy play, within moments of easing the veiny piece into his hole his cock us launching a shower of semen over his smooth abs, splashing cum up his tight body and smearing his juices around.

Let’s hope we don’t have to wait too long to see him taking the real think in his sweet little rump.

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