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ButchDixon – Enzo Ricardo and Jimy Breton

Stunning new lads Jimy Breton, bristly, bearded and sexy as hell is here to get his rocks off and Enzo Ricardo is the guy for the. Enzo is a dark exotic mix of French Arabic, wit the dark, oversized, donkey dick.

Enzo, though he’s as sweet as can be, when it comes to sex he does have that very arousing edge of arrogance, such a turn on in a top ( I find) Jimy’s doing everything he can to please his big dick daddy and is rewarded with a right proper seeing to.

We get right in for all those juicy, steaming wet shots, not pretentious, no direction just unmitigated filth, pure and simple. These guys luv this nasty gonzo approach and it seems you do it – you nasty fuckers!

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