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Camille Kenzo invites Angel Cruz in Paris

Camille Kenzo has a real crush on Angel Cruz, a stunning Latino actor renowned for his performances at famous American studios. It’s therefore very exciting that Camille invites Angel to spend a week-end with him in Paris. If Camille is a little shy and impressed by this date at first, Angel promptly does the necessary things to warm up the mood and to lead the dance. Although the language barrier does facilitate communication, when Angel says to Camille during making food that he would begin the dinner with the dessert the message is clear.

The two guys French kiss in the kitchen when Angel unexpectedly jumps on the work plan to put his hard dick in Camille’s mouth. Camille delights of this gorgeous manhood, licking and sucking in deep throat. Then it’s the turn of Camille Kenzo to enjoy the expert tongue of Angel who eats his bottom with an incredible intensity before standing up to drill our teenage boy leaning against the bar. Angel give all his power and Camille Kenzo wails, Angel is delighted and gives more. We lose the control of the situation promptly and we let these two aroused guys continue their exploits on the seat in a horny “doggy style” position before Angel turns Camille Kenzo on his back to drill him solidly until he makes him scream wiht the contentment of cumming. After Camille came, Angel is quick to jizz and to squirt a thick ejaculation on the twink’s face.

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