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ChaosMen – 2379 – Karl and Kyle Wyncrest Serviced

Karl was a little nervous about getting his dick sucked. He had it done once before back in High School, but it sounded like a drunken incident.

So, we stuck with the traditional Serviced video where he just received head. Kyle really throws his best into it, and does a great job of keeping Karl turned-on. Karl does rely on the video a bit, so I can’t say he magically discovered the joys of head from another dude.

He sure does look handsome with his sea green eyes, and he does eventually let go of just watching the video, and enjoying the sensations.

He’d never been rimmed before, and I think it tickled him at first. That didn’t last and I think he had an epiphany about how good it felt.

We didn’t think Kyle’s cock-sucking and jerking action was going to make him cum, so Karl takes over and tries to stripe Kyle’s face with his DNA. Most landed on Karl’s stomach but Kyle does suck the last of his load from his cock!

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