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Corbin Fisher – ACM2523 – Holden

Say hey to Holden! He’s new to CF, and he’s my favorite CF model ever! OK, perhaps it’s a bit early to make that call. But can ya blame me for being excited Holden’s joined us at CF? He’s both hot and cute, has amazing eyes, has himself a sexy body and flawless ass, and he’s packing a gorgeous dick! Heck, even his balls are flawless.

Befitting that tall frame, Holden’s a basketball player. He’s an all-around great athlete, in fact, but basketball is by far his favorite. I gotta say, he does look damn good in those loose basketball shorts! And is it just me or do tall, lean guys tend to often be packin’? That’s certainly the case with Holden! By the time we got to filming Holden’s solo, he’d already won us all over. He has a fun, friendly personality on top of those captivating eyes and that incredible smile.

So when he stripped off those clothes to reveal that big dick, he blew us all away. Talk about icing on the cake! Seeing him stroke that big dick while staring deep in to the camera left no doubt Holden’s gonna win over an army of fans, and I’m definitely one of them!