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Corbin Fisher – ACM2534 – Dave Dominates Andy

We up the kink factor in this Dave and Andy pairing, and it turned out both guys were entirely in their element gettin’ kinky and trying some new stuff!

Of course, when it comes to being adventurous and experimental and trying out new things, both of these guys are the ideal candidates to give it a go. We know they’re each super horny, love to have fun and get off, and have insatiable sex drives. While some guys might be a bit intimidated by the prospect of trying something entirely new and different – or in Andy’s case being blindfolded, strapped down, and completely at the mercy of someone else – neither one of these studs had any problem whatsoever!

They’re always up to try something new! Indeed, after we’d filmed this super hot bondage and blindfold session, Andy confessed to thoroughly enjoying it! Dave, as well, admitted he had a blast with it – he loved taking charge, and being able to use another guy however he wanted. We might have to find more kinky ways for these guys to have fun down the line. Any suggestions?

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