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Dirty Scout 103

A young man from the poor north of the country came to Dirty Scout 103 my office today. He went through a lot of jobs. Some of them he liked, some were just horrible. To my surprise he liked being a florist, he even had a few carnivorous plants at home.

He also worked for a government employment office, which in a poor region can be very stressful. Now he wanted a job in human resources, which I was happy to offer. The mediation fee was too much for him.

I didn’t have a fine piece of ass for almost a week so I was happy to propose him an alternative. To my surprise, the boy didn’t hesitate for too long. I am sure that he was gay. Lately, I had been having a problem with too tight boys. But this one would take it all deep in. Well, he did the job quite nicely.

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