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Today I got visited by a very nice and polite young Dirty Scout 197 man from a small town. He was unemployed and needed a well-paid job to cover his substantial expenses.

In the past, he only had badly paid jobs so I couldn’t make him a bank manager or something. Still, I had a nicely paid warehouse job up my sleeve. The boy loved the promise of a large salary, our mediation fee was far less appealing though. My naughty offer took him by surprise but eventually he agreed. I think he didn’t want to go back to a slave job ever again.

He was looking forward to a bright future… Unfortunately, his bright future involved my Dirty Scout 197 super horny cock. The boy took it like a man. A greedy and a bit whorish man.

I fucked his ass inside out and then watched the guy cum. The boy was a bit shaken by the experience but what do I care?

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