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Gay Movie

Eye Contact – David Anthony & David Dakota

While working on his roof, tall and tan David Anthony – whose smooth, muscular body is of Greek God proportions – becomes the victim of potential thief David Dakota, who tries to steal the stud’s wallet. Anthony catches the blond hunk in time and immediately dishes out an aggressive lesson in discipline – manhandling the muscular culprit to the ground and shoving his groin into Dakota’s face.

Anthony unleashes a verbal onslaught as he whips out his ridiculously huge cock, forcing his captive to open wide and start sucking. Anthony then stands the criminal up and teases his super-hard cock and balls, whipping them around before showing off his deep-throating skills. Dakota gags during the wet suck, which works both men into a verbal exchange.

The two jack off, their vein-bursting biceps flexing as their heads romantically rest against each other. Dakota then sits down on Anthony, resting his hands on the top’s monster pecs – his boner grazing the smiling Anthony’s sculpted abs – as he rides, kissing the top in a stunning shot. The breathless bottom gets on all fours (and then his back) for more, staying stiff as he gets plowed before the two come again – with Anthony’s defined body gloriously clenching as he squirts.

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