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In Full View – Johnny Parker and Rogue Status

While watering the back yard, shaved-headed Rogue Status uses his hose to squirt Johnny Parker—who soon gets his groin grabbed. Johnny falls to the ground to suck his beefy bud, who dick whips Johnny’s mouth before face fucking him.

The two trade positions as Johnny’s big, thick cock is unleashed—Rogue Status opening wide and sucking it to the root. The breathless sucker comes up for air, a big strand of spit connected to his furry face.

Johnny’s strong cock repeatedly bounces up and down in front of Rogue’s face, teasing the hungry sub. Rogue grips Johnny’s furry sac and devours his cock again, more spit connected to his mouth. Johnny eats Rogue’s fuzzy hole, Rogue arching back for a kiss before he gets fucked. The top smiles as he rams Rogue, whose cock and balls shake with each thrust. The bottom sits down on Johnny, who lets out a wicked laugh as Rogue Status shoots his massive load—the top then releasing his own thick wad.

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