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HelixStudios – Alphas – Calvin Banks & Josh Brady

Handsome, horny and thick with muscle, Josh Brady and Calvin Banks are vying for dominance the moment they appear on screen locked in an erotic embrace. The hot hunks wrestle, tickle and tantalize, testing one another to see which alpha will give it up first.

Calvin can’t contain his urge to slob Brady’s knob; and, he delivers a sloppy good suck job swallowing every inch of Josh’s extra long, thick dick down to the base! Impressed with his skill, the juicy jock returns the favor. He pulls at Calvin’s sexy black ball huggers and deep throats that dick on all fours. Banks keeps Brady in that position while sauntering back behind him, his schlong swaying back and forth from the sheer weight of it. He slaps Brady’s beautiful butt hole with his hefty hog, then dives in deep with his tongue.

The normally dom dude does as he’s told and even spreads that amazing ass for the epic eating! But, Banks isn’t finished with him yet… not by a long shot! He maneuvers Brady’s backside down a bit, then dips his dick in a few times, making sure the alpha dawg can take it. Once Josh is open and Banks is lodged deep, Calvin crushes that ass, even getting Brady to throw that booty back at him! Somehow, Calvin’s cock has tamed the wild beast that is Brady; so, he gets the brawny boy on his back for more! From there, Calvin climbs on Brady’s beefy bone and sits his tight tail right down on that D! Josh reaches back and spreads his seat for the cock cam; and, Banks ups his back door bounce. Calvin thrusts that thick donk down and gets the dick in deep, right where he wants it. The, the erotic alpha forms two fists and pounds on Josh’s hot jock chest!

In turn, Brady beats the boy’s butt up GOOD; and, Calvin just keeps asking for more. He hops over onto his back and immediately gets impaled spread eagle. Brady practically splits the sexy stud right down the middle as Calvin calls out for more. Brady hammers even harder, and our boy busts, covering his thick, muscled torso with musky, man milk.

Josh Brady giant is ready to roar as well. He pulls out and spits spooge all over Bank’s freshly banged booty hole; then, he crams his still creaming cock back in and keeps pumping!

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