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HotHouse – Raw Workloads – Arad Winwin & Cazden Hunter

Arad win win finds his hired hand, Cazden Hunter, being idle on the job and leaning on his truck. Arad has no time to get slackers when Cazden offers to do anything to make it up to his manager, Arad pulls out his thick, hard dick and tells his employee.

Therefore he gets on his knees to shoot the big dick down his 20, this endeavor is needed by cazden. His employee moves up and pushes him against the tool shed door when Arad is rock-hard from Cazden’s talented mouth. Arad has to work rimming the stud and can scarcely wait to get a taste of Cazden’s tight bum. After opening him up Arad is prepared to shove on his cock deep.

Cazden Hunter bends over and starts pounding away, going balls deep with the very first thrust until he sees the pace to provide Cazden Huntern that the fuck of his lifetime. Thus Arad moves the stud arad would like to see that the design on Cazden’s head as his cock pumps in and out.

The thrusts keep originating from Arad’s cock until he fucks the cum from the hired man and that is all it takes to let go. Arad erupts allover Cazden’s freshly fucked hole and pulls his cock out of the bum of Cazden Hunter.

With cum dripping on Cazden’s hole, Arad fucks his load since he shoves a jockstrap to the mouth of Cazden also gives him a second warning to touch his truck again.