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RawCastings – Casting #341 – Joe Shawn

Joe Shawn is your pornstar hopeful from the “porn cab” now, and he explains why he’s auditioning even though he’s done pornography in the past. “It’s been seven years,” he clarifies. Thankfully, he is sexy as fuck – . Because he wanted a break that turned into a break he ceased doing pornography, he says.

In the meantime, he hasn’t had any sexual contact with another man. He is single, and describes himself. When pressed, Joe states that if he did enjoy men, muscular men would be liked by him. Surprise! Despite his sabbatical from porn, Joe certainly thinks he has what it takes. On the casting couch and once in the studio, Joe tries to project a confidence, but he’s anxious nonetheless. Since he’s had a dick up his ass, it has been years, and Joe wants to loosen up using a dildo. He shows an uncut cock and a great bod, as he removes his clothes. To loosen up, he grabs the dildo and bends over the sofa.

He gradually works the dildo in, and he does not seem to have trouble. The casting director gets a closeup and exclaims,”Oh, so you are super tight, buddy!” As Joe continues to loosen his butthole, he remains hard – which is a fantastic sign! After a few minutes of plugging himself, he is ready for industry vet Austin. Joe sits right alongside Austin, who explains that there’s no need to be nervous and down completely naked. His pep talk seems to function because as soon as the action starts, Joe seems like a natural! Austin and Joe trade blowjobs before the fun begins. Joe is only given a few seconds of slow bare cock by austin. Like he’s never gotten 21, with Joe on his back he gets a dicking-down! Austin is trying, obviously, to put Joe. Joe Shawn certainly looks hot getting fucked really great, and his whimpers and moans are the perfect balance between joy and pain.

Throughout the fucking, Joe stays hard. He’s a trooper! Because the casting director wants to see everything he asks Austin to be fucked by Joe. Joe admits that there was some enjoyment, before he can. The casting director asks to see his hole and then gives Joe’s cock a grab. Austin bends over doggie style and Joe gives his ass a whirl once the damage is confirmed. Austin is tight, and Joe certainly enjoy the sensation. This can only be categorized as a”revenge fuck,” since Joe gives it to Austin as hard as he got it only a couple of minutes before. Joe Shawn flips over Austin and fucks him moan while he chokes out Austin.

A good quantity of getting fucked bareback sets Austin over the border, however, and as Joe grabs his throat and fucks him hard, a load is shot by Austin. Joe keeps fucking like a maniac a moment or two. Joe unloads a stream of jizz all over balls and Austin’s ass. Sexy bareback casting!

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