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Secret Tryst – Alex Silvers and Dan Johnson

Silently seducing each other, without a word being spoken, blond Alex Silvers, pretty and smooth, has eyes for the rough scally lad Dan Johnson who has taken the bed one away from him.

Leaning back on the wall whilst playing with his growing bulge, they wait for a roomie to leave before they take things to the next level. Beckoning Dan over, twinky Alex Silvers has an impressive piece of meat between his legs, and Dan takes the lead and devours the long thick dick, getting it wet and slick with spit before presenting his own dick to get serviced between Alex’s plump and juicy lips. Slowly getting naked, Dan’s lightly hairy chest emphasises his builder boy look, his solid cock slapping against Alex’s waiting tongue, his blue eyes gazing up at him, almost telepathically begging him to flip himself round and get that cock slamming inside his waiting hole.

It must have worked, as Alex is soon bouncing right on top, slowly getting further and further down the shaft, letting Dan lay back and watch the deep penetration happen, watching the blond twink use his dick as a tool to get pleasure from. Twisting and turning Alex Silvers into position after position, they settle on Alex getting rammed hard, legs in the air and soon spunking all over himself, Dan pulling out and joining the cumfest, the feeling of Alex’s hole tightening with climax enough to tip him over the edge and empty his nuts over Alex’s hairless body.

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