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The Sprayed Sprinkler – Matteo Lavigne and Chris Loan

On a beautiful sunny afternoon Abel Lacourt, Paul Delay, Matteo Lavigne and Nolan Lacroix are naked in the garden and play a nudist volleyball game.

The four twinks jump at the net, and run and smash until Matteo hits the ball off and sends it into the swimming pool Chris Loan was relaxing peacefully. Chris is splashed with cold water and Matteo will have to pay for disturbing the tranquility of the beautiful hunk! When the twink approaches to retrieve the ball, Chris firmly grabs him and pushes his head toward his cock.

Matteo is sucking the big cock of Chris sitting on the pool border and the boy tries to swallow every inch. It’s then on a deckchair at the sight of the other boys, who are doing a barbecue, that Chris will eat the tight little ass of Matteo, fingering and playing with it before fucking it vigorously.

Matteo whines with pleasure and Chris Loan is excited as hell by Abel, Timothe, Paul and Nolan watching him fucking. These voyeurs motivate Chris more to make prowess and it will give all his energy to pound Matteo deeply before to squirt an amazing doze of cum on the twink’s face… This is how the sprinkler is sprayed!

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