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Str8hell – Karel Polak Spanking

Karel Polak is shackled and gagged as he lays, face down, on the bed. This hot straight guy is pulling against his cuffs as his tormentor arrives. The tormentor quickly rips open Karel’s underwear exposing his hot ass.

Karel moans as he feels the whip on his back. He feels the heavy hand as it spanks on his sexy ass. Then both hands spank on that hot ass. His cheeks are pulled apart to show his tight hole too. The hole is spat on too and then a finger is shoved in, making Karel really squirm. He keeps moaning as the hands really spank on that ass. After that ass is nice and red Karel’s feet get the treatment from the whip and then are tickled and slapped too.

He is turned over, onto his back to have nipple clamps applied and pulled. The clamps are attached to his cock and balls as well so they can be stretched. Then Karel lays on the bed and wanks himself as the hands spank on his chect. He keeps wanking hard and fast until he cums after a very good session.

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