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TeenBoysStudios – Andreas Nilsen & Leo Alfano – Part I

Leo Alfano knows what he’s come for, and when he asks for the “classic” massage young professional Andreas Nilsen knows exactly what he wants, too. After leaving the slender young man to get naked and prepare for the thorough experience ahead, laying down on the massage table, the blond boy returns eager to get started.

With a little light work to relax his new customer Andreas explores the twink boy’s body, working his back and shoulders, sliding down to his slender legs and sexy feet, oiling his customer as he goes. He knows just how long it takes and when he suggests that Leo Alfano should turn over the young man’s urgent erection is obvious. Andreas is used to seeing his customers so aroused, but as the boy has asked for the classic experience he knows he can begin to play with the hard uncut length in his hand. A few strokes and some slippery oil applied and the boy’s dick is rigid and ready to be sucked, a bead of clear precum seeping from the tip as Andreas slips his warm mouth over the head.

Roused and ready young Leo takes the initiative, rising to slip off Andreas’ clothes, his own gorgeous erection soon revealed. Up on the table with his own smooth rump ready Andreas invites his customer to slide his naked cock between his cheeks, pushing through to his warm massaging tunnel. Leo’s slim hips pump forward and back as his hooded length slides along inside, the pleasure growing with each thrust.

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