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William Higgins – Stano Silver – EROTIC SOLO

Stano Silver is aged 23 and lives in Znojmo. He is an office manager and enjoys jogging, cycling and sports generally. This good looking gay guy sits on the edge of the bed for his interview.

Then he moves fully onto the bed and lays down, feeing all over his clothed body. He reaches into his jeans to grope himself as he also rubs his chest. Both hands dip into the jeans to feel around. Then Stano removes his tee shirt to bare his sexy chest. He opens his jeans and pulls on his cock which is hard in his hand. Removing his jeans Stano Silver wanks hard on his cock as he rubs his chest.

His balls are tight at the base of that hard cock. Then Stano lifts his legs to show off his hairy ass and the hot hole. He reaches for the ass cheeks and rubs his fingers over his hot hole. That hairy hole looks inviting as Stano spreads the cheeks so wide. Taking some oil he slips a finger into his hole, going in nice and deep.

Then he drops his legs and wanks his cock again. The cock gets so hard in his hand and soon delivers the hot, creamy, cum onto his belly. Then Stano goes off to the shower to clean up.

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