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William Higgins – Str8Hell – Dave Swanson – SPANKING

Dave Swanson is shackled, gagged and blindfolded. He is also on his knees, with his ass bare in his jockstrap as he tormentor arrives and begins to feel the sexy body. The hands move to Dave’s ass and spread the cheeks before spanking them hard. Dave’s hair his pulled too as his ass gets spanked. The ass cheeks are spread to show off his hole which opens well. The jockstrap is pulled around too, going into his ass crack.

Dave writhes as the heavy hands land on his ass cheeks. His balls are pulled back between his legsand his cock is released too. Then it is back to spanking on the cheeks. A riding crop is used too,slapping and rubbing over the ass. The crop is rubbed over the ass hole too before being discarded so the hands can spank again. The hole gapes as the cheeks are pulled apart. Then some oil is dripped onto the hole and rubbed over it. A finger slides into the hole and fucks hard.

Two finger then push into that hole and fit easily as they fuck in and out. The fingers come out and are soon replaced by a vibrator which pushes into the open hole. The ass is spanked hard as the toy fucks deep into the hole. With the toy lodged in his ass Dave’s cock is wanked as well. The the vibrator is removed and the ass is spanked hard again. A nice big dildo is pushed into the hole, fucking it deep. When it comes out the hole gapes as the cheeks are spread.

The ass cheeks are red as the hands continue spanking. Then Dave Swanson is on his back wanking himself as his ass is fucked some more. Dave keeps wanking as his ass is fucked hard, until he dumps his cum onto his belly, Then the toy is removed and his ass is given a few more spanks.

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