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William Higgins – Str8Hell – Misko Sinak – HOT ASS

Misko Sinak is a very hot guy. He looks so good as he lays on the bed rubbing his sexy body and groping his bulging underwear. His cock is clearly hard in that underwear as he grabs it. Then Misko is joined by a helping hand and he feels his cock being pulled out of the underwear.

That dick is rock hard as the hand closes around it and begins to wank as Misko rubs his chest. His balls are pulled out of the underwear too as that big cock is wanked. Misko’s underwear is remove and that big cock in oiled as the wankign continues. The foreskin slides up and downon the big cock head. Then Misko’s legs are raiised into the air, showing off his sexy ass and the hot hole. Oil is rubbed over that tight hole as his cock is wanked. A thumb pushes deep into that hot hole.

Then that hole is fingers hard as the cock is wanked. As he feels that finger working his hole Misko wanks himself. Then a vibrator is pushed into the hole and starts to fuck in and out. The toy comes out so that his tight hole can be inspected. Then Misko turns over, onto his knees. The toy slides back into the hot hole and fucks deeply again. It is pulled in and out repeatedly. Then it fucks hard into Misko’s ass. After that toy gives the hole a good workout Misko Sinak raises his ass so high in the air to get more fingering. Two fingers spread the hole wide before the vibrator goes back inside as Misko rubs his ass cheeks. The toy is pulled out to show off the slightly open hole and then fucks hard into the ass.

Then Misko is left alone to lay on his back and wank his big cock. His wanking is hard and fast and soon shoots the hot cum up his sexy body. He milks his cock dry to end a great scene.

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