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William Higgins – Str8Hell – Tony Milak and Igor Uganec RAW – RAUNCHY

Igor Uganec is naked as he sits back to front on the chair. He is blindfolded too and has the sey Tony Milak rubbing and slapping his hot ass. Tony grabs Igor’s hair as he also rubs that hot ass and the eager hole. Tony slips a fingers into that hole and starts to fuck it. Igor’s dick is pulled back by the chair and is rock hard as his hole gets the finger deep inside.

Tony takes his time, talking to Igor as fingers the hole well. Then he pulls out his cock and slides it into Igor’s mouth. That big cock is soon fucking hard into Igor’s mouth. Tony holds Igor’s head as he shoves his dick deep into the mouth. Then Tony moves Igor to kneel on the chair so that ass is available.

The big cock quickly fucks deep into Igor’s hot hole. Tony fucks hard, sliding the dick all the way in. He fucks with long strokes ensuring that Igor feels it well. That big dick works the hot hole so well as Igor’s ass gets spaniked some too. Igor is then laid on his back with he legs up for more hard fucking . Tony’s huge cock slam in and out of the ass hole as Igor Uganec wanks hismelf.

He takes that dick so well as he keeps wanking. His wanking gets faster as that fucking speeds up too. All that hard fucking forces the cum for Igor’s rock hard cock. Tony continues to fuck that ass until he is ready to blow too. The he pulls out and shoots his load too.

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