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William Higgins – Tomas Furan – EROTIC SOLO

Tomas Furan is aged 18 and lives in Prauge. He is a cook who enjoys sports, basketball and soccer. He sits, cross-legged, on the bed for his interview. Professing to be bi he hasn’t had full sex with a guy yet.

After his interview Tomas begins to feel his slim body through his clothes. He lifts his tee shirt to rub his sexy chest. Then he removes the tee shirt to show off that sexy body. His hands run all over and reach down to his jeans too. He gropes into his jeans to feel his hardening cock. Then he releases the cock as he pushed the jeans down.

Tomas Furan takes hold of the cock and begins to wank it. That cock is rock hard as he lays back to enjoy wanking. He spreads his legs and shows off his ass crack as he continues wanking his dick. Then he turns over and kneels on the bed to show off his sexy ass. He reaches back to rub a finger over his hot ass hole. He teases his hole with his fingers and then spreads the cheeks to show the hole.

He probes it with a finger too before spreading wide again. Having shown that inviting hole so well Tomas then sits and wanks his cock again. He keeps wanking hard on that dick until it gives up his hot cum. Then he milks it dry and goes off to the shower to clean up.

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