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YoungPerps – Case No. 1903058-06 – Wesley Woods & Hunter Grey

When this cute twink is caught between a rock and a hard Case No. 1903058-06 place, he realizes that he has to follow our Loss Prevention Guard’s orders to avoid jail time. Stripped, searched, and tormented, the officer finally tells the boy that he’s dating his ex!

The jealous officer fucks the boy senseless, reminding the twink that he will always be getting this guard’s sloppy seconds! This week on YoungPerps, a sexy blonde twink is getting caught red-handed by our security officer Wesley Woods who sticks his fat cock into this twink’s virgin hole. March 29th, 2019. 7:35 PM. Petty Theft. 21 Year Old White Male, 5″7′.

Perp is apprehended by Loss Prevention Officer after he has been Case No. 1903058-06 observed pocketing items from the storefront. When confronted by the Officer, the perp claims that he has no knowledge of the suspected stolen goods. He denies the Officer’s accusations, but generally displays a docile demeanor. Based on the perp’s effect, the Officer determines it would be best to employ hard line tactics of interrogation and retrieval.

After some questioning, a thorough strip search is conducted in which pieces of the perp’s clothing are procured for further examination. After some convincing, the perp complies with the Officer’s demands.